Top 10 Greatest Bowlers of All Time

Top 10 Greatest bowlers of all time in the history of cricket

Cricket is said to be a batsman’s game. Bowling is not an easy task as the rules of the game favour  the batsman more than the bowler and hence is always dominated by batsmen. But there are some bowlers with extraordinary talent who gave a torrid time to the batsmen during their playing days and were able to etch their names with golden letters in the history of cricket by dint of their performances with the ball. Here let’s take a look at the top 10 greatest bowlers of all time in the history of cricket.

Shaun Pollock one of the top greatest 10 bowlers of all time
Shaun Pollock, one of the top 10 greatest bowlers of all time

10. Shaun Pollock, one of the top 10 greatest bowlers of all time

Shaun Pollock is a right arm medium fast bowler who played for South Africa from  1995 to 2008. He also had a good hand in batting and was a good all-rounder during his time. Shaun pollock is considered one of the best ever bowlers playing for South Africa. He was a street smart bowler, Accuracy and sharp swing being his greatest strength. He has claimed more than 800 wickets in international cricket at a very impressive average. Shaun Pollock occupies the number 10 position in our list of top 10 greatest bowlers of all time.


Career Highlight of Shaun Pollock

 Matches  Innings  Wickets  Average  Strike Rate  Economy   BBI  5 Wk
Test  108  202  421  23.11  57.8  2.39  7-87  16
ODI  313  297  393  24.50  39.9  3.67  6-35  5
T20I  12  11  15  20.60  16.2  7.62  3-28  0


  1. Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose, Dale Steyn deserve a place in top 10 greatest bowlers of all time

  2. Shaun Pollock is not as great a bowler to get a rank among top ten bowlers of all time

  3. Javagal Srinath, Makhaya Ntini, Brett Lee are also among top 10 best bowlers of all time

  4. I don’t agree with this list. Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose deserve to be among top 10 greatest bowlers of all time.

  5. Instead of Shaun Pollock, Courtney Walsh or Curtly Ambrose should have been included in the top 10 best bowlers of all time

  6. I would rate Murali ahead of Sydney Barnes, And probably the best ever bowler too…

  7. hello fokes,

    I also dont agree with the list. There are others fast bowlers who were furious in their own time.
    Courtney Walsh, Courtley Ambrose, Kapil Dev, Malcom Marshall, Micheal Holding,

  8. superb bowler of all time.
    ANIL KUMBLE…………………… anil zindabad…….kumble zindabad.,,,,,,,,,.

  9. Muttiah Muralitharan ? His action would have been outlawed in any other era and certain test players openly say that his action was somewhat unlawful. First time I ever saw him on tv I noticed the odd jerky action when the odd ball did something unusual. Many other strange choices here and great bowlers not included whilst those of lesser skill are in the list. The case for Sydney Barnes to be voted top bowler is rather silly as he comes from an era when cricket was played at nowhere near the level is is today.

    1. Do you have super power to see if a bowler exceeds 15 degrees or not. He was cleared by ICC experts who are more qualified than you. You people are jealous because he easily outperform Warne in every aspect including discipline.

  10. Umm…Malcolm Marshall…where is he? Michael Holding too though he had injuries unfortunately. While Sydney Barnes was one of the best; bowlers of that era had very low averages because of the crappy wickets, plus it's hard to know how good he was because there's no video footage of him (not his fault of course). He wouldn't be No.1 for me, though he probably should be in the top 10.

  11. Look at the stats, Shaun Pollock’s stats are way better than most so called legends, think of the Laras, Tendulkars, Pontings, etc, he bowled to all the greats (all in the nest ever top ten) his economy accross both formats is the meanest, and yes he is/was better than Donald!

    lastly, which legendary batsmen was Sydney Barnes bowling to?

  12. how on earth Kumble is in this list of top 10 bowlers having an odd average of 30 in both tests and odis

  13. where are the windies greats marshall, ambrose, walsh and there is also strong case for imran khan, allan donald and steyn. Though i'm Indian but i wont have kumble in top 10. just being unbiased.

  14. i like your comments atleast found a guy who has gut to face reality rather every indian i have seen, they always try to be in upper hand but u are a true guy i really appreciate u……………

  15. another non sense shitty list …
    I wana ask you what the hell 'anil kumble' is doing in this list????
    where are greatest west indian bowlers???

    okay .. tell me one thing ….
    the makers of this list are indians???? 😛

  16. Good list borns is this time bowling bieng more harder &batting easy ,run rate increases so ave.of bowlers increases ,so i think murali is greatest.