Gully Cricket





Gully cricket one of the most cherished type of cricket which we would have played in our life . Gully Cricket is not just for youths but also for children and men of all age ranging from 5 to 50 years and also above that too. This game gives us so much fun which makes us forget all out worries in life by making us feel there is nothing to lose .



In our days and even now we have so much funny rules which makes us to laugh a hell lot. Some of them which I could possible remember are these:

1. The Bowler should not  bowl fastly

2. No bowling action allowed ,only chuck is available

3. One pitch catches only allowed and those one pitch catches should be take in 1 hand and not using 2 hands if someone uses 2 hands to take a catch it will be declared not out.

4. If we play in a street  and someone hits the ball too hard he will be declared out .

5. If a bowler bowls a wide ball no runs will be given to the batting team but he has to bowl that ball again.

6. Only four’s are allowed hitting sixes leads to be declared out . If he has to get runs in boundaries he has to hit it along the ground and boundaries are the walls of house if the ball hits directly he is out but if it hits after pitching it will be termed as a 4.

7. There are terms like “2g” “3g” which means that if the ball goes into the house fielding team won’t be able to take the ball so the opposition will given 2 or 3 runs as they wish.

8. The match takes place without an umpire . Decision will be taken by both the teams together whether the player is out or not out .

9.Wicket keeping will be done by the batting team player as there will be less number of players for fielding.

10. If the batsman hits the ball a long distance he has to go and take the ball and come

These are some of the funny rules which I have come across in my childhood days and there are many more too which I couldn’t remember now . There were times when I played with my friends during my younger ages where I would tell the bowler to rebowl the ball again as he bowled it too quicky as I was one of dons in batting , the bowler would rebowl again without any hesitation . I would only accept the ball which I had hit it for a boundary . When thinking about that now it makes me to laugh .

Those days with no sorts of pressure about studying was just more than awesome nowadays ” Study study study” these are the words we hear and we are restricted from playing as our parents thinking studying is everything . I have to accept the fact that studies are important in life but there should be some sorts of physical activities as well which would make as healthier as well .Education alone won’t make a person complete there should be some physical activities , activites doesn’t include only cricket but also playing other sports .