5 Reasons which makes Australia the red-hot favorites for World T20


5. Hunger to win their first ever World T20 title

Australian Cricket TeamWhen it comes to the big events and winning ICC trophies, the first team which comes to our mind is undoubtedly, Australia. The joint oldest team of the world cricket has made a record seven World Cup final appearances in 50-overs cricket besides tasting World Cup glory on five occasions which is also a world record. They have also won the ICC Champions Trophy not once but twice.

Australians are renowned for holding nerves of steel when it comes to premiere cricketing tournaments but in World T20, the Aussies have seemed powerless to replicate their magic. This very fact will act as a great source of inspiration for them and they will come ruthlessly hard on the other teams to finally script history and achieve the glorious feat of winning all the major ICC trophies.