Top 10 Best Fielders of Current Time


6. Steven Smith, Australia
Top 10 Best Fielders of Current TimeSteven Smith, the shy Australian boy who will now lead Australia in all three formats is at number 6 on the top fielders currently in the world. A world beater batsman, an able spinner and to add to that resume, a magnificent fielder, he has all traits to be an Australian grade. First bursting on the scene as a leg spinner who could bat a bit, Smith is one of the most alert fielders mostly guarding the cover area. An example of his sharp-witted thinking can be seen in a match in Abu Dhabi versus Pakistan, where he ran from the first slip to become a leg slip in anticipation of seeing the batsmen positioning himself for a paddle sweep. The incident left many baffled and confused, but those who know Smith are rather used to such an anti-climax on his part. Now that Steven Smith taken the leadership position of the team, more such instances can be expected in the future.