Top 10 Best Fielders of Current Time


5. Faf Du Plessis, South Africa
Top 10 Best Fielders of Current TimeThe T20 captain of South Africa, Du Plessis has been one of the successors to the great fielding talent of the rainbow nation. Coming from the same school has De Villiers, it seems the two are in a constant tussle to outsmart each other when it comes to yes-I-was-there-and-I-saw-it kind of catches. Running back and taking a full stretch catch as a CSK player has been one of the highlights of his fielding acumen. People still sing folk tales for his catch in the Twenty20 Cup quarter-final against Middlesex in 2008. One of the Players of the CSK franchise, he is poised to turn matches with a bat in his hand and in the fielding cordons.