WATCH NOW: MS Dhoni caught on camera making a ‘God-like’ save

It was Rising Pune Supergiants taking on Kings XI Punjab during IPL 2016, when MS Dhoni recorded a ‘God-like’ save behind the stumps. You have never seen this before and you need to see it right away!

MS Dhoni is well known for his athleticism and cunning on-field practices. The energy simply spreads from him right onto the players. Several international cricket stars have confessed to ‘learning from MSD’. But what is it really that makes MSD so special?

It’s basically a mix of talent and superhuman conduct. You look at this save from MS Dhoni behind the stumps and can’t help but awe at his presence of mind. You know what they say right? If you like your job, you do it. But if he you love your job, you do it right. MS Dhoni sure loves it behind the stumps as much as he does in front of the stumps hitting sixes on the last ball.

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It’s all happening at the IPL this year. Big scores and magical performances! We’ll keep you updated on more such cool videos from IPL 2016.

(Featured Image Credit: DNA)

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