Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing

Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing is another shocker for world cricket. After making news and creating sensation with stories of his ‘unexplained’ relationship with actress and model Leena Kapoor, people were gifted with a new revelation about the Pakistani umpire- Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing. Not to forget that photographs of Asad Rauf getting cosy with Leena Kapoor (in objectionable positions) created a buzz on the internet. Here lies a part of the transcript which nails Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing.


Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing
Wrong Decision?

Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing – Transcript

Umpire Asad Rauf: Do you know my birthday is coming up?

Vindu Dara Singh: Asad bhai, don’t worry; we will take care of it. I will convey the message to Pawan bhai.

Pawan Jaipur (The Bookie) to Vindu: I’m sending a watch worth Rs. 6 lakh and a gold chain for Asad through Prem Taneja (another bookie) in Delhi. Please ask Asad to collect it from Delhi.

Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing- The Investigation

Asad Rauf fled India right after his name cropped up in the IPL Spot fixing scandal. These conversations are proof to his involvement in something other than cricket.  They clearly indicate the participation of Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing. The transcripts have been tapped through Vindu’s three cellphones and it is also reported that Rauf insisted on the bill of the gold chain to be sent. Apparently, Rauf was weary of problems at customs.

Asad Rauf is not available for interrogation and hence the crime branch will be cornering the two siblings (who are bookies) Pawan and Saanjay Chabra. This will help the officials in proving the role of Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing.

Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing- The Situation

It is sad to see this state of cricket. In between all the thrill and excitement that surrounds the Champions Trophy, it might not be encouraging to come up with a report on something like this, but it sure is necessary.  The involvement of Asad Rauf in IPL Spot Fixing has left everyone dumbstruck.

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