Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013


Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 – the article includes  MS Dhoni’s speech after India’s thrilling victory over England in the final of the champions trophy 2013. Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 saw captain cool open up and his reaction further enriched the flavor of the win. It was a close contest and Dhoni’s men did not give up till the very end and India emerged victorious with the trophy adding to the long list of achievements and awards of Indian cricket.

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013- About The Final

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 started with:

Before going in I said, let’s first of all get rid of the feeling that it’s a 50 over game. It’s a 20-over game and we have seen in the IPL and in T20 formats, 130 runs can be a difficult target to achieve.

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 continued:

I told them not to look at the sky or the opposition. I told them that God helps those who help themselves. I said God is not coming to save us. If you want to win this trophy, we’ll have to fight it out. We are the No. 1 ranked ODI side, so let’s make sure that they have to fight for these 130-odd runs. Don’t look for any outside help.

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013- On Dhawan and Jadeja

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 included a special mention of the two stars of this tournament- the golden bat winner and the man of the tournament Shikhar Dhawan as well as the golden ball winner Ravindra Jadeja. Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 talked about the two as Dhoni said:

Jadeja is someone who keeps it very simple. He bowls a good line and lets the ball do the talking. The good part was he contributed with the bat, which I fell is very important because he’s someone who will have to bat at number 7.

Dhawan has taken forward his form in the Test series against Australia where he scored a century on debut. And even after an injury he did well in the IPL. I am happy that he has contributed as an opener and that’s another good sign for us. He’ll gain a lot of confidence out of the innings that he has played, especially over here. And that will really help the team more often than not to get off to a good start.

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013- The Messages Within

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013
Still Champs- Tranisition Completed?

It is quite clear that MSD was worried before going in to defend a rather modest total of 130 against England who are a strong batting side even without Peterson. Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 however clarifies that despite of being a little nervous and shaky, MSD made sure that his men received an effective pep talk. Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 discarded the age old practice of prayers and blessings and made it very clear to the men in blue that it was only because of their efforts that the trophy would be travelling to India. No outside help or sudden unnatural change of tide. Dhoni’s men battled it out in the middle and where most of the sides going through a phase of transition would have given up, Dhoni’s men continued to trouble the English and ultimately won what turned out to be a battle of nerves.

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 also stressed on the fact that India might be retaining these two openers i.e. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. Does this mean that there’s absolutely no chance of Gambhir or Sehwag making a comeback? Does this mean that the transition be rendered complete? Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 has answered a lot of questions but it has given birth to a lot of questions as well. For example, if MSD wishes to continue with Jadeja, will there be no Yuvraj Singh in the future? The Indian middle is pretty strong with the likes of Raina, Dhoni and Jadeja. Not to forget, with two back to back hundreds in the warm up games, even Dinesh Karthik has announced his comfort and actually liking towards international engagements.

Although Dhoni did not stress on the bowling department, the likes of Ashwin, Yadav, Ishant and Bhuvneshwar Kumar (who all have actually played a very important role in the tournament) sure will continue to appear on the paper when the playing XI is being formulated. This means a ‘do not enter’ sign for Zaheer, Nehra, RP Singh and even Harbhajan.

Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 has clarified that it was more than bat and ball that helped India win the tournament final. Dhoni’s Speech Champions Trophy 2013 tells us how the captain led the side from the front and made them believe in themselves.