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Whether we realize it or not sports have impacted all of our lives in one way or another. Whether it was kicking a soccer ball with friends as a child, or watching India win the cricket world cup, the rush of joy and excitement that one gets from these moments stays with us for the rest of our lives. Sports is more about just having fun though, they teach us life lessons and build character that lasts even when the game is over. It has been said that you can see the true character of an athlete by the way he or she handles themselves after they walk off of the field. Sports also help to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Even if you aren’t a star athlete that doesn’t stop you from grabbing a pair of sneakers and going for a walk or even just a run. Why spend our days inside watching all the action on the television, when we could go out and be a part of it?Sports Campaign

We live in a culture that is constantly changing, as is our attitude towards sports. 7 out of 10 of India’s youth are drug addicts, this is why  India’s largest coupon portal, has created a campaign centered around the phrase ‘Get high on sports, not drugs’. With a changing culture, our attitude towards sports is also changing, we need to remind each other why it is so important for us to get out there and get active. CupoNation has gathered athletes such as Atul Wassan, Shiba Maggon, Sushil Kumar and Gagan Narang, to create a video and talk about how sports have been a positive impact on their lives. CupoNation has also organized great deals so you can get all of your sports equipment for a great price! So go check out the video on their site, and get out there and get active!