Suarez banned till 26th October in FIFA 15.


FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the great marketing coups of video game history. Thousands of UK gamers will embark on their FIFA 15 careers on Friday when the game is launched across the nation. Those players who opt to play as Barcelona will have to wait until October in their virtual season before being able to pick former Liverpool star Luis Suarez, though. The former Liverpool striker was banned for four months after he bit Chiellini in the World Cup and recently it was confirmed that the ban would stay. FIFA 15 was released in North America in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and people flew to the shops to buy it. Crammed with loads of new features like “more realistic faces” and “nicer grass”, football fans around the world have already started sharing their stories of joy at being the first to play EA Sports ‘ new title. Luis Suarez might be playing for Barcelona B tonight in a friendly against Indonesia U-19, but now reports say that in the newly released FIFA 15, he won’t be able to play for Barcelona just like it is the case in real life. Now a leaked picture is making rounds which suggest that the ban exists in the virtual world as well. If you pick Barcelona in career mode, you will receive an email from the Cheif Executive about the ban.


A tweet from EA Sports confirmed that when playing in Career Mode with Barcelona, Suarez will not be available to play until the 26th of October, despite his real-life ban ending at midnight on the 24th of October. These accurate simulations of the real life sport show that EA Sports’ attention to detail truly knows no bounds. Except for when it comes to proofing copies of their actual game before it is published, as evidenced by this very entertaining new glitch that makes goalkeepers think they’re supposed to play in the center circle, which you may be aware, they are not. If you can’t wait to play it, the demo for FIFA 15 is already out in the UK and the full version of FIFA 15 will be released on Friday the 26th of September . It’s your life, you’re in control!