Top 10 Best ODI Innings by Virat Kohli


5. 107(126) vs Pakistan, Adelaide, 15th Feb 2015
Top 10 Best ODI innings by Virat KohliNot a typical Virat Kohli innings filled with powerful drives and lofted on drives, Virat Kohli made his way through in this notch with the little dabs and paddles here & there. In the first match of the World cup for the team, that too against Pakistan, the game was nothing but a high intense affair. Kohli brought all his experience and knowledge of the game to full use here notching another hundred without being at his fluent best. The innings served as a tonic for the Indian team as the team which not long ago failed to win a single match on the Australian soil, looked jaded and tired probably home sick as well, to everyone’s surprise won seven consecutive games to reach the Semifinals undefeated.