Top 10 Best All-Rounders in IPL


3. Yusuf Pathan (India)

Top 10 Best All Rounders in IPL
Yusuf Pathan (India) – No. 3

Even when he was left out of the Indian team, it was IPL that kept him going. One of the greatest positives of the IPL has been the emergence of pinch hitters like Yusuf Pathan. Pre-IPL era none would have even be talking about someone like Yusuf Pathan, for he was not much consistent in first class. But it was his captain at Rajasthan Royals, Shane Warne that saw the talent that lies within him. He may have not made it big in international cricket, but he has made a name for him in this format and in the IPL. Yusuf Pathan has played 110 matches for which most of the matches has been for Rajasthan Royals. In addition to his batting exploits, he has taken 39 wickets. When the captain needs breakthroughs, Yusuf Pathan answers it with his stump to stump line. Yusuf Pathan is no. 3 in the list.