Top 10 extra-ordinary batsmen of current times


2. Hashim Amla (South Africa)

Top 10 extraordinary batsmen in the world

The newest phenomenon in cricket is Virat Kohli breaks records and Hashim Amla keeps breaking Virat Kohli’s records ! Thats how talented and focused Hashim Amla is. The hunger to score runs keeps him going not for the sake of extending his career. He is also the first Indian descent player to play for South Africa. The flick of the wrists on the leg side – a trademark shot of the subcontinental batsman can be seen in this man as well. Hashim Amla is on cloud nine at the moment, he is carting runs in every format and doesn’t have much competitors other than Kohli and Devilliers. He is a calm personality while batting, believes a lot in finding the gaps and timing the ball rather than using his power. He is 32 though, but it doesn’t seem like he is stopping his run scoring form anytime soon. By the time he retires many milestones will be broken for sure. Hashim Amla also has a lot of respect for being a devout muslim all his life, for he has made requests to remove the alcohol brand logo from his cricket gear.