Top 10 Hottest Divas in IPL 2015

3. Isa Guha
Isa Guha (England) - #3
Isa Guha (England) – #3

Isa Guha is an English cricketer and cricket analyst. Isa Guha is half-Indian even though she was born in England. She has the dubious distinction of retiring from the game as the same day as Rahul Dravid signed off from the game. Since retiring from the game she has been associated with ITV-4, which brought her to be an analyst at the Indian Premier League (IPL). She is a major star attraction in the extra innings shown just before the match. With her unique slang and her love for cricket she has captured the imaginations of many. The biggest gain in this regards is the large interest that women have begun to show in India’s favorite sport. Her joyful voice adds spice to the commentary. She does look gorgeous.