Top Three F1 Games of All Times


Formula One games have undoubtedly taken car racing fanatics into a whole new dimension. These games allowed the aficionados and the fans to really get into the game and feel the adrenaline rush and the excitement, without the risk commonly associated with the physical races. The popularity of F1 games has made it possible for the continued release of new games.

The Most Popular F1 Games

Among the many F1 games available in the market today, it is a little bit surprising to discover that one of the considered to belong to the top three is the one taken from the 1991 Formula One Grand Prix series, also called as the Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series. It may be hard to explain to the new generation why old timers and game designers refer to this game as the best example of Formula One video games. The possible best explanation could be that this is one game that a player can treat as he pleases. It simply allows the players some liberty; they can play it as a simple arcade racing game using all the possible driving tricks, or they can make use of the tricky simulation while cruising down Monaco for a two-hour race in the rain. Fun is incorporated into the game, and the fact the The Chain is the introductory music of the original game, really makes this a very popular game.

Top 3 formula 1 races

Taking the number two spot as the Most Popular F1 Games is the Formula 1 97 game from Bizarre Creation. There were only two F1 games produced by Bizaare Creation and it was this one – the second game for the first generation PlayStation – that has given the company a great sell-out. It was considered as the embodiment of arcade-modeled console game. The game offers colorful graphics with great and convincing impressions of the tracks and the cars that surely dazzled the players. It also offers a simple pick-and-up-play that endeared it to the gamers. Many F1 games may have followed, and most may have better graphics and more impressive game modes, but it cannot be denied that they did not come close to the fun and excitement brought by Formula 1 97. As a matter of fact, a lot of F1 game enthusiasts are still playing this particular game on PS3.

The final spot for the top three of the Most Popular F1 Games of all times goes to Grand Prix Legend, which is a PC game. The best thing about this game is that it represents the Formula 1 1967 season in great details; depicting a stunning, yet extremely difficult game. With this game, players can virtually experience how it is to drive a Lotus 49 through the Green Hell and the Nurburging Nordscheife. As many car racing fans said, this game effectively depicted one of Formula 1’s golden eras. The astonishing thing is that, when it was released in 1998, the graphics were so advanced and the sounds were definitely epic; it simply is a game with a class of its own.

These are the top three Formula One video games of all times. For avid players and Formula One racing aficionados, these games represent their lifestyle, and their lifelong dreams of driving F1 vehicles.


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