Arrest Warrant Against MS Dhoni…


Arrest warrant against MS Dhoni has been issued in a court in Andhra Pradesh. The arrest warrant has been issued as Dhoni failed to appear after three summons. MSD may be jailed for this one…

arrest warrant against MS Dhoni
The arrest warrant is regarding a magazine cover page…


The arrest warrant against MS Dhoni has been issued after Dhoni failed to appear in the Anantapur Court in Andhra Pradesh despite three summons. The case is regarding a controversial magazine cover-page. In the photograph, Dhoni is portrayed as Hindu God Vishnu and labelled as a ‘GOD OF BIG DEALS’. The warrant has been issued for allegedly hurting the emotional sentiments of Hindus.

The arrest warrant against MS Dhoni comes right before the English tour starting this July. Similar petitions have been issued against Dhoni in Delhi, Pune, and other cities. Y Shyam Sunder of VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) had filed a petition in February.

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