IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony – Full Details


IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony will be held on April 2, 2013 at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. The tradition is that the opening ceremony is hosted by the team that won the last IPL season. This means that IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony will see Kolkata Knight Riders flagging off the biggest, the most exciting and the most entertaining cricket gathering of the year. Let’s take a look at who will be there and who missed out.





IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony will see music, dance, fireworks and a huge crowd letting their heart out giving shape to what will surely turn out to be another thrilling season of wizardly cricket. Kolkata, the host city, is up and running and the preparations are in full swing and in fact nearing the end right now. The ‘Bong Capital’ is all set to launch IPL 2013 into the orbit with an exciting IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony.


Now, the people who will make the night an unforgettable one for all of us, are not just the IPL team players but also players from the world of glitz and glam. Earlier, it was announced by Juhi Chawla (co-owner KKR) that Jennifer Lopez will be performing at the IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony. But later on, the IPL organizers refused to fulfil the star singer’s demands of a private jet and hotel rooms for her entourage. This saw J’Lo missing out on performing on a stage bigger than any in the world with audiences spread across seven continents and more than 100 countries.

Finally, globally acclaimed rapper/songwriter Pitbull has been invited to perform at the IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony. Last year, the event recorded 56 million viewers and hence a lot is expected out of this year’s IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony. Fans across the world wait for the event to take off and signal the start of a unique cricket gathering known throughout the world as the Indian Premier League.


How can a party in India be considered a party without some good amount of Bollywood seasoning? It can’t be. Hence, the IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony will see the Indian stars glittering and shining on the stage wooing the audiences and rocking the floor to the core. Shahrukh Khan will be spreading magic on the stage along with the hot and sensuous Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. The two Divas will fit the frame pretty well with King Khan as one can expect their TV screens to catch fire with all this hotness coming from the IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony.

SRK, Katz and Pitbull are all set to go for IPL 2013


More and more performances, penetrating music, spirits and salts, Divas and Sultans… IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony is here to dazzle you. What’s more exciting is the fact that once the IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony is done, fans simply can’t wait for the opening thriller between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils. The IPL kicks off on April 3 with the two teams raining runs n rattling woods. There’s nobody on Earth who can fail to miss the excitement surrounding IPL 2013. The IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony will open to a lot of fun and frolic, all under the bigger and more important umbrella of cricket. See you there @ the IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony. 

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