N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief: Is cricket administration in India transparent enough?


N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief: Is cricket administration in India transparent enough?

N Srinivasan, the interim chief of BCCI has been re-elected for the third consecutive year to serve as the administrative head of Indian cricket. Already beleaguered with a series of allegations, Mr. Srinvasan’s decision to

N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief

fight the elections again has not gone down well among Indian cricket devotees and rightly so.

Last six months have been the witness of one of the worst phase of the Indian cricket and the credibility of the administrators has fallen down with a fair margin. In such adverse situation, by going along with his decision to fight the elections again, Mr Srinivasan has certainly given a wrong message to cricket fans across the Indian soil that whatever the circumstances would be, he would keep going on with his dictatorship policies. How can one dream of a transparent administration of Indian cricket in such appalling situation?

Even if he feels that he is not on the faultier side for the current situation of Indian cricket filled with corrupted actions by cricketers and administrators, on moral grounds he should have decided against fighting the elections again and that would have surely earned him some of his long lost respect inside the heart of Indian cricket fans.

N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief: CAB secretary Aditya Verma files case in Supreme Court.

On the other side, Cricket Association of Bihar(CAB) secretary Aditya Verma has filed a case in the Supreme Court against Mr. N Srinivasan and Supreme Court has asked the BCCI Chief to step aside from the Annual General Meeting(AGM) of the BCCI until the N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chiefcourt issues a verdict in the case filed by Mr Verma. Mr. Srinivasan is not supposed to take part in any board activities until the verdict comes out, said the court. Though it didn’t stop him from fighting the elections and with the united support of south Indian boards, Srinivasan managed to register an unopposed win. But certainly this won’t help him in gaining much respect in the eyes of Indian Cricket aficionados and few state boards.

N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief: BCCI’s prestige and credibility in danger?

With certain cases already pending in the court and his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan already being charged in the IPL spot fixing case, Srinivasan’s decision to fight the elections again would surely give a wrong message to his successors and that will only help in taking the prestige and credibility of BCCI a level down. Indian cricket certainly didn’t need this at the moment and one can just hope for a better future ahead.
The performance of the players on the ground has overshadowed the corruptive intentions of BCCI administration and moment the team will lose its flavor on the ground, the destructive actions going on inside the BCCI office may come out gradually and one can fear, it would be too late by then.

N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief: We need to remain united.N Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief

For now it is the responsibility of us, the cricket fans to make the cricket better and stronger in India with the added amount of our love and contribution towards the game. Cricket will remain a holy game; the devotees will remain pure and honest, now it’s upon the priests to maintain the balance with transparency. Let’s wait and watch…

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