Nielsen in a new role

Nielson has been appointed SACA high performance boss
Nielson has been appointed SACA high performance boss


Tim Nielsen has been appointed the high performance general manager of South Australia Cricket Association. Tim Nielsen will take over the job from Jamie Cox, who was sacked by South Australia in May.

Tim Nielsen, the former Australian coach from 2007-2011 was instrumental in Cricket Australia’s transition stage after the 2007 World Cup when there was a series of retirements. Nielsen after he quit the Australian coach job, was working with South Australia as the state’s talent manager. It was only apt that he was annointed with the top position. Nielsen takes up the responsibility when South Australia cricket needs improvements and replenishments to be made. They finished third in the Sheffield Shield points table last summer. He has a similar job in hand with SACA with looking to spread all positivity in the team and make the transition come easy for the team. Tim Nielsen was selected after scrutinizing a plethora of other applicants for the top job.


Tim’s experience with the national side and his intimate knowledge of the state system made him the standout candidate

Keith Bradshaw, Chief Executive, SACA