Temparament is the key to India’s Success


Temarament is the key to success

While the entire 120 billion Cricket Experts in India would have by now done their disections as to why India failed in the last 2 Test Matches, let me tell you there is a Test Match still to be played in the Orange Capital of India. After getting a taste of their own medicine, India will now look to square the rubber in Nagpur. Any sensible Cricket lover would agree that it was poor shot selection in the 2 Test Matches, which caused us an embarrassment. As Indians we all are hurt by these 2 defeats, more so becasue these defeats came in India from a team which traditionally is NOT considered to be good at spin!! But boy didn’t they play well? I think Cook’s dogged double at Wankhade & the century in Eden Gardens is by far the best I have seen in the last 20 years by an Englishman, (yes better than Gatting’s 183 in 1993). Their spinners have bowled the “Test” line & not the T20 line. A few people have started calling for Dhoni’s head & Tendulkar’s retirement!! I am surprised who will lead in Dhoni’s absense? Most of the top players are not in the greatest of forms & not sure if Sachin’s retirement would solve our batting woes overnight. I agree he too has been short of runs, but so have been the top 6. Our best batsman since the last 18 months, Kohli too has struggled!!

I firmly believe little bit of “Pep Talk” from the selectors or senior Cricketers would help, I personally believe it is question of Temparament. Test Cricket is hard, it will test you in all possible ways it can. 2 good sessions from our top batsmen can set up a much deserved victory for all of us. Who knows?? After all Cricket is a great levellor!! Cook might get a duck & the law of averages might catch up with him. Lets wait with hope & faith, after all hope sees the invisible!!

Good Luck Team India.