Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015


9. Murali Vijay, India
Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015The Second Wing has finally arrived for Vijay. After the dropping of Gambhir And Sehwag, Vijay has found his sweet balance between attack and defense in test cricket. Such improvement he has made in his technique and judgement of the deliveries, that he was called “The Best Leaver” of the Cricket ball in the present age. Vijay stitched together a consistent string of scores in Australia, his back foot play much more sound than before. He followed up his beautiful play with another 150 plus score in a rain-curtailed match against Bangladesh. Vijay’s real value glowed in the India-SA series where he looked by far the most comfortable batsmen throughout the series. In a series where people were struggling to put bat to ball, the composure and the each with which Vijay played made it impossible to not consider him here in the list.