Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015


2. Steven Smith, Australia
Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015This not no orthodox but highly talented and equally effective batsmen, who once belonged
to the cursed breed of players who were looked as replacements for Shane Warne, is now truly comfortable in his skin. Now the captain, the man looks clear about how he wants to go about his business. 2015 started with the end of the magnificent series he had with India with another hundred to his name. He came mighty close to that so-far eluded double hundred against the West Indies. A double hundred came against England, but he couldn’t sustain the form on either sides of it. Some runs came against New Zealand too. Steven smith so far has scored over 1200 runs in 2015 with an average above 60. He comes in at number 2 on our list.