Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015


6. Alastair Cook, England
Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015Alastair Cook had the toughest 2014-the worst phase of his career. He lost the Ashes 5-0, became a public villain due to the KP Saga and then as if to top it all, he was removed as the Captain of the England ODI team and watched the games from the comfort (rather discomfort) of his home. You would have been forgiven, even if you were Alastair Cook himself, that the future was not bright. I thought the same,the fans thought the same, the commentators thought the same but Alastair showed us in year 2015, the determination, the resilience, the resolve to fight for the ultimate goal of scoring runs, very rare in modern cricket. He forced his way back into form through the most grittiest hours he had ever spent on the field- a 50 there, a 60 there, a good-looking 40 in the next game and you got the sense-the wheels are turning,and so they did. Cook finished the year with an average close to 60, 3 hundreds ,the highlight of which would be his freakish effort of 263 which saved his side. Cook seems to enjoy his captaincy now-a-days, and with that we decided to place him at number 6 on our list.