Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015


7. Younis Khan, Pakistan
Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015Younis Khan stands alone today as one of the grafters and accumulator in the world of bashers and aggressors. When you see Younis Khan bat, you don’t compare his shots to the pretty little flowers falling down effortlessly from the beautiful pine tree, what you see is the man who cleans those cluttered debris of flowers and sundry without any credit. This year was a special one for Younis as he became the highest Test scorer for Pakistan, surpassing one of his idols Javed Miandad. Younis aggregated for a total of 789 runs in the games he played in 2015. The consistency which he is now showing at the Test Level, the highlight of which would obviously be that majestic grand effort of 171* that he put up against Sri Lanka, helping Pakistan cross the line in the second highest chase in Asia, definitely excites us and we put Younis on 7th in our list of Top 10 Best Test Batsmen of 2015.