Top 10 Hottest WAGs in Cricket World Cup


3. Jeanne Keitzmann

top 10 hottest WAG in cricket
Supermodel Jeanne Kietzmann found her love in South African pace bowler Dale Steyn

Much of Dale Steyn’s success is due to the wonderful supermodel – Jeanne Kietzmann. As is the case about most successful men, behind every successful man there has to be a woman. Jeanne doesn’t feel shy to say she is his lucky charm, he has got better since their relationship she feels. Jeanne and Dale Steyn have been in a very long relationship for now, she has been there throughout his career to support him. Jeanne says that Dale is very much soft spoken and has a beautiful heart. Dale Steyn is also an animal lover, for he wants to preserve and protect elephants when he hangs up his boots. Jeanne Kietzmann is no. 3 in the list.