Top 10 Wicket-keepers with Most Dismissals in Test Cricket


9. Matt Prior (England) – 256

Top 10 greatest wicket keepers
Matt Prior (England) – No.9

 Matt Prior, a skilled wicketkeeper standing back, excellent batsman in the traditional keeping spot of No 7 and a stout upholder of the team ethic, has been a crucial cog in the machine that led England up the Test rankings. He cuts a similar figure to Alec Stewart with his no-nonsense positivity, even if he does not quite possess the same rapt attention towards his appearance. Fielders standing around point were likely to be under assault if a bowler gave him any width outside off stump. At a juncture he was among several contenders as the most effective wicketkeeper-batsman in Test cricket. His form tapered off last year though and is now on the sidelines.