Top 10 Wicket-keepers with Most Dismissals in Test Cricket


2. Adam Gilchrist (Australia) – 416

Top 10 best wicket keepers
Adam Gilchrist (Australia) – No.2

The most attacking wicket-keeper-batsman in the history of the game. Gilchrist not only thrashed bowlers into submission with his fiery strokemaking,  but also leaped like a frog to pluck out catches from thin air. However, he will be remembered the most for those moments when he walked off on his own, knowing he was out, whenever the umpire denied the bowlers his wicket.Adam Gilchrist, in many senses was the perfect Wicket-keeper batsman, you would ideally want in your team. He batted across reasonably well in all formats of the game, which gave him a lot of fans and supporters. In a time  when T20 cricket was quite unknown to everyone, he showed what was it like to bowl to Adam Gilchrist. Gilchrist is known as one of the better batsmen in the game, of the pull shot. Anything short and it would disappear over the ropes. He never seemed to be under pressure, under any circumstance for he knew just one way to bat – attack !