Top 10 Youngest Batsmen to Score 25 International Centuries


1. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 24 Years and 108

Top 10 youngest batsmen to score 25 international centuriesSachin Ramesh Tendulkar at an age of 16 was playing for his country when the other boys of his age were merely finding their feet in professional cricket. Such is the stature of this man, that billions of Indians regard him as the God of cricket. He is the only man on the planet to have completed the monumental milestone of 100 international centuries in his 24 year long career. He spent his youth on the 22 yards while carrying the indispensable load of billions of expectations from his countrymen. When he retired at his home ground in Mumbai, the whole cricket fraternity was surrounded with pall of sadness which reflected in their teary eyes. Even the Don of cricket, Bradman announced Sachin as his apparent heir when he saw glimpses of himself in the baby faced boy then in 1992. From heaven Bradman must have felt proud of his words, many a times to witness this master blaster. At the age of 24 years and 108 days only, he had 25 international centuries against his name. He is fittingly the No.1 batsman in our list of top 10 youngest batsmen to score 25 international centuries.