An open letter to Daniel Vettori from a cricket fan



Daniel Vettori came back from injury to play in the World Cup and help New Zealand to glory in the World Cup. However, he could not take them to cross the finishing line, but he remained a quintessential part of the team during the tournament. Time has come for the legendary Kiwis all-rounder to bid adieu from all forms of the game. Jithu Jose Parackal writes an open letter to Daniel Vettori thanking him for all the happiness and inspiration he has provided to the game of cricket.


Dear Daniel Vettori,

First of all let me thank you for being such an important entity for the New Zealand team in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Without your presence this historic campaign would never have been possible for the Kiwis.

I know you have had your share of injuries in the recent past, and of the struggles you had to undergo to give one last chance of being part of a team that was destined for glory. Even though New Zealand just couldn’t cross the finishing line, you people have won a lot of hearts for playing cricket in the way it should be played.

When you were included in the New Zealand World Cup squad, my happiness for you was beyond explanation. But I had concerns about how you will plan out getting back your bowling form back. But as the scholars say, ” Champions arise when they are handicapped” – Daniel Vettori was reincarnated ! You ended the tournament with 15 wickets at 20.46 and economy of 4.04. That economy rate still surprises me, that too in a World Cup which were batting belters. It shows the greatness of how good you have been throughout your career. You and your team might have lost to the might of the Aussies in the final, but you have taught the people of New Zealand to dream for success. I believe this is the beginning of the start of a new era where the KIwis are going to dominate.

Looking at your career overall, right from when you started your career at the age of 18 and in your last game against New Zealand – there was no confusion and the big talks whatsoever. He left the game as how he entered the gentleman’s game. Not once have I seen you break the spirit of the game and get harsh with the opposition players. I believe you symbolised the spirit of cricket, for people who didn’t know what ‘Spirit of Cricket’ is, I would suggest them to go look at Daniel Vettori.

I still remember when you were selected into the World Cup squad, people knew you were aged, lacked match fitness but none ever contested against you – for you can never be hated. The fact that you are one among the cricketers after Kapil Dev and Ian Botham to take more than 300 wickets and score 4000 runs further emphasizes your greatness. But I always thought you never got the applauds you deserved.

I am not deserving to even speak about your greatness but let me thank you for all the goodness you have brought about to New Zealand cricket and the gentleman’s game. In this era of increasing importance for the batsmen, you could deceive quite a handful of batsmen for the past 2 decades with your bounce, turn and dip.

Daniel Vettori it is with extreme disappointment that I have to say this – Adieu Mr. Spirit of Cricket

Thank You