Football and Cricket for a Cause


Time for a Different Kind of Competition

A lot has been said about which between Football and Cricket is more popular in India. Instead of comparing the strengths and weaknesses of both games in a debate that might just amount to more bickering between fans and players on both sides, there is actually a way to unite everyone for a common cause that will serve to promote the best interests of all concerned.

Major sports organizations worldwide often include themselves in charitable initiatives as a way of giving back to the fans and communities who continue to make success and growth possible in the world of competitive sports. Cricket and Football, of course, are never left behind in this regard as many top clubs around the world have sponsored fundraising projects that have supported the charity initiatives of many organizations and foundations on the local, national, and international arenas. As fundraising is a priority for such events, quite a number of these sports gatherings have used either poker or casino games as the primary vehicle to generate contributions that run into the millions.

The popularity of both sports can be used to generate massive media attention for a casino event that will showcase some of Football and Cricket’s most famous personalities and possibly persuade even celebrities from other fields to participate. With the popularity of online casinos experiencing substantial growth because of the attractions provided by modern gaming features and aggressive promotional perks characteristic of Playtech and Chartwell technology’s games on BetFair, it shouldn’t be hard to attract fans and players alike to play at any of Goa’s famed casinos, especially if the aim is to raise much needed funds for the most disadvantaged members of our community.

Football match between cricketers and filmstars

Much like the charity football match that took place earlier this year between Indian cricketers and Bollywood stars at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi or the 5th South Mumbai-Milind Deora Junior Soccer Charity Match at the Western Railway ground in Mumbai that saw the participation of Salman Khan, the potential to have people from diverse backgrounds uniting for a common cause is something that will definitely be a dream come true for fans and players of both sports.

Definitely something to look forward to in 2014.