Mumbai Indians Win IPL 2013


Flashy boundaries to superhuman efforts in the field, sparky cheerleaders to roaring crowds… well, it has all come to an end as Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013. All of us were hoping for a close contest here at the Eden Gardens but then, the Mumbai Indian bowlers made sure that the game never left them. A packed neutral house saw curtains drop on what has been a controversial but nevertheless exciting and power packed IPL. Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 and celebrations were in full swing.

Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013
Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013



Mumbai Indians Win IPL 2013 – The Match

Rohit Sharma won the toss and elected to bat first. The top order crumbled down to some good bowling by CSK and even the efforts of Karthik could not help the team. It was then that Pollard entered the scene and started having a go at the CSK bowlers. Pollard’s magnificent innings ensured that MI reached a safe and solid looking 148 in their twenty overs.

The CSK bowlers as well as fielders did manage to restrict MI but now the match was on. CSK batsmen stepped out to face a ruthless MI bowling unit. Malinga, Johnson and Bhajji hammered their very best to leave CSK struggling at 58/8. A renaissance of a partnership between Ashwin and Dhoni ensured some respect and hope for CSK. But with a soft dismissal, Ashwin departed. But even then, stalwart Dhoni continued blasting sixes as the helicopter turned into an offensive weaponized chopper. CSK ended at 125/9 and MI won the match and with it the trophy. Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013, flashed all around.

Mumbai Indians Win IPL 2013 – The Emotions and Sachin

Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 was the buzz at Eden Gardens and beyond. Players were seen jumping and dancing and singing and shouting. Sharma climbed on Pollard’s back and was given a tour. It was like watching kids having a good time after a hard work of almost two months. The dance party was headed by Bhajji and the jumping around was taken care of by Pollard. Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 for the first time and they made sure people knew what it meant to them.

While all this was going on and the songs of ‘Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013’ were being sung, Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from IPL. The fans, all excited and celebrating as they kept telling themselves over and over again-Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013- were all left shocked. Sachin’s retirement came out of nowhere and took the world by surprise. With all the excitement in the air, all the happiness… a true Sachin fan did cry …secretly though. Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 but lose Sachin Tendulkar.

Mumbai Indians Win IPL 2013 – Overview

Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 and they’ve done it in style. They reduced CSK to a total which Dhoni wasn’t really proud of. Dhoni did admit that the batting failed. Raina and Hussey were blown away by two really good deliveries. Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 and had their name attached to the trophy. A success story which the Ranji Kings will surely love to seek inspiration from. Young captain Rohit Sharma was perhaps the happiest man out there as the words flashed around- Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013. Mumbai Indians win IPL 2013 and Mumbaikars were set into a mode of dance and celebration.