An open letter to MS Dhoni from an Indian Cricket Fan


Just because of some stupid people never think that you are the reason for anything bad in Indian cricket. After a win most of the leaders pose with the trophy in hand but you are so humble and even minded that you are always found away from limelight which personifies your selfless motives even more. You even changed your batting style for the sake of the team. You could have taken some days off after the birth of your first child: Ziva during the recently concluded World Cup but instead you prioritized your national duties over personal considerations which is a testimony of your ardent commitment for the country. Your teary eyes after the semi-final loss were a statement as to what this sport and representing India means to you.

I want to voice on behalf of billions of people back here, that you are that diamond possession of the country whose services are still indispensable for the side. You are a star and only a player of your stature and persona can carry the heavy baggage of expectations of billions of people. Indian cricket team and we the die-heart cricket fans need your services to lead us to even farther grandeur and kudos.

Yours sincerely

An Indian fan