Sania Mirza in new avatar ; PIX School of Bonding


Goosebumps still run over the veins for a Hollywood movie enthusiast everytime they hear the iconic one-liner ‘The name is Bond, James Bond’. James Bond movie has undergone transformation and evolution over the years. James Bond is back again to thrill the fans. But before the new Bond movie is released, the franchise has decided to associate itself with Sony Pix. Association with Sony Pix should rather be seen as tapping the millions of fans in the Indian sub-continent. Sony Pix has made giant leaps by roping in one of the best in the world of Tennis – Sania Mirza !

“It’s not how you start, but how you finish that matters.” At the PIX School of BONDing one can have experience and at the same time learn the BONDitude, a trait everyone would so happy to die for. James Bond has this very special trait that has won him a lot of admirers. Bond and his fairplay with the gadgets and guns around him is a simple treat to watch, be it on-screen or off the screen as well.

The Bond franchise has a whopping 23 movie to boast of and accumulated a mammoth $4.1 billion at the box office and more to come in the future. The Bond Attitude will hit the markets witH SONY PIX joining hands with them and having roped in youth sensation Sania Mirza, in a never before seen avatar of the tennis sensation as a trainer in the PIX School of Bonding. What is the most sublime trait you associate with Bond ?
Obviously, its his skill to woo away a woman’s heart and make it his own. Now, thats exactly what Sania will be trying to do in the Bondway. The PIX School of BONDing will showcase all the BOND titles ever made on the illustrous  British spy, clubbing old world charm with modern day mysteries for the next 12 weeks starting 22nd Nov every Saturday at 7.00 PM and 9 PM. 

“It’s not how you start, but how you finish that matters” At the PIX School of Bonding you will learn the BONDitude, a trait that will be worth every penny. Afterall, Bond is the perfect persona of a life filled with Gadgets and guns around him. Bond has inspired a millions of fans around the world, and this will be for the first time that SONY PIX will be associating itself with the franchise. Time to loosen your seatbelts !

“I am glad to be associated with Sony PIX. I have always been a die-hard James Bond fan and I love watching movies. ‘PIX’s School of BONDing’ is a great way to show my love for both.  Besides, when I received the brief and learnt of my character as a Bond trainer, I was completely ecstatic.”
– Sania Mirza on association with PIX-