List of Tied T20 Matches


List of Tied T20 Matches

The latest format of cricket, the T20, produces many interesting matches where the results tend to be decided in the final over or even on the final ball. And on some occasions, no result is produced which leads to a TIED condition. A tie in ODI Cricket and Test Cricket remains a tie with no rules to break the tie. But in T20 International Cricket, there have been some tie breakers to decide results in the Tied matches. brings you the list of all the Tied T20 Matches that have taken place in International Cricket.

Tied T20 Matches
Robin Uthappa celebrates the Indian Victory after a BOWL OUT vs Pakistan

TIE BREAKERS to decide winners in Tied T20 Matches (Both International and Domestic)


Bowl out was the first method used to decide winner in tied T20 matches and was used in the first 3 tied matches, later it was replaced to another method known as the super over or one-over eliminator.

The procedure of Bowl Out is similar to a Penalty Shoot-out in Football. Here, 5 bowlers from each team bowl one ball each on the Stumps (No role of batsman).

If there is a tie even after 5 balls, then the bowl out continues and the winner is decided as soon as it gets ahead of the other.


Super Over or One-Over Eliminator is the standard method since december 2008 in tied T20 matches.

The procedure is to play one over (6 legal balls) with all the regular fielding rules and boundary rules applied. Each team is to allot 3 batsman and a bowler for the super over. If a team loses 2 wickets in the super over, its All Out. And the other team chases the target. At the end the the team with highest runs in the Super Over is said to be the winner of the match.

If both the teams score same runs in the super over, which means a Tie in Super Over, then the winner is decided by the following ways (whichever is satisfied first)

* Team with most number of Boundaries (Fours and Sixes) in the main match and super over.

* Team with most number of Boundaries from the main match alone.

* A count-back from the final ball of the Super Over shall be conducted. The team with the higher scoring delivery is the winner. If a team loses two wickets during its over, any unbowled deliveries are considered dot balls. Runs scored from illegal deliveries count towards the total for the following legal delivery.


In all, there have been 8 tied matches in T20 International Cricket.


List of TIED T20 Matches


01. 16 February 2006, NZ vs WI at Auckland 

Tied T20 Matches
Shane Bond bowls in the first ever BOWL OUT

WI 126/6, NZ 126/8
New Zealand won the Bowl Out

02. 14 September 2007, Ind vs Pak at Durban
Ind 141/9, Pak 141/7
India won the Bowl Out

03. 11 October 2008, Zim vs Can at King City
Can 135/7, Zim 135/9
Zimbabwe won the Bowl Out

04. 26 December 2008, NZ vs WI at Auckland
NZ 155/7, WI 155/8
West Indies won the Super Over

05. 28 February 2010, NZ vs Aus at Christchurch 

Tied T20 Matches
Chris Gayle hit 25 runs in the first ever SUPER OVER

NZ 214/7, Aus 214/4
New Zealand won the Super Over

06. 07 September 2012, Aus vs Pak at Dubai
Pak 151/4, Aus 151/8
Pakistan won the Super Over

07. 27 September 2012, NZ vs SL at Pallekele
NZ 174/7, SL 174/6
Sri Lanka won the Super Over

08. 01 October 2012, WI vs NZ at Pallekele
WI 139/10, NZ 139/7
West Indies won the Super Over  


# The highest score at which a match has tied is 214 between Australia and New Zealand in 2010

# The lowest score at which a match has tied is 126 between West Indies and New Zealand in 2006


Highest Scores in Tied T20 Matches 

Tied T20 Matches
Brendon McCullum scored a century vs Australia in a T20 match, which ended in a tie

 ( 50 or more runs)

116* – Brendon McCullum, NZ vs Aus, 2010

76 – Tillakaratne Dilshan, SL vs NZ, 2012

67 – Chris Gayle, WI vs NZ, 2008

67 – Michael Clarke, Aus vs NZ, 2010

64* – Cameron White, Aus vs NZ, 2010

63 – Ross Taylor, NZ vs WI, 2008

62* – Ross Taylor, NZ vs WI, 2012

58 – Rob Nicol, NZ vs SL, 2012

53 – Misbah-ul-Haq, Pak vs Ind, 2007

50 – Robin Uthappa, Ind vs Pak, 2007


Best Bowling Figures in Tied T20 Matches

Tied T20 Matches
Asif’s 4/18 could only produde a tie for his team

 ( 3 or more wickets)

4/18 – Mohammad Asif, Pak vs Ind, 2007

3/16 – Daniel Vettori, NZ vs WI, 2008

3/20 – Sunil Narine, WI vs NZ, 2012

3/21 – Tim Southee, NZ vs WI, 2012

3/27 – Harvir Baidwan, Can vs Zim, 2008

3/31 – Doug Bracewell, NZ vs WI, 2012



Apart from the International matches, there are several Tied T20 Matches in the T20 leagues around the World.