Top 10 Bollywood affairs with Cricketers


9. Imran Khan and Zeenat Aman

Affair of cricket star and bollywood star
Zeenat & Imran Khan – No.9

Imran Khan, one of the best all-rounders of his generation is one of the best players Pakistan has ever produced. Well, his relationships prove that he was one hell of a player off the field as well. Ultimately, his hollywood hero-like looks are found to be the reason for being a heart throb for many a women. Zeenat Aman, born to a muslim father and anglo-Indian mother, was seen as a perfect match for the World Cup winning captain. But things did not really turn out for the star duo, as their personal problems kept popping up. Zeenat Aman was reportedly dating Sanjay Khanna and Imran Khan was dating Benazir Bhutto. Both of them ended marrying people younger than them, one by 2 years and the other by atleast 2 decades.