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Top 10 Future Legends of Cricket


2. Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

Top 10 Future Legends of CricketNew Zealand is generally not identified for producing batting legends but this man, Kane Williamson seems to be on the mission of changing this shambles trend. When Williamson is on the crease, it seems as if he has a magical wand in hand with which he bores out the bowlers to almost death in terms of denying them his prized scalp. They keep on bowling to him and the Kiwi batter keeps on caressing them for runs with his sheer class and elegance. The most impressive thing about the 25 year-old Kane is that, he seems to have immaculate powers of concentration. And his solid technique and sound temperament leaves out almost no room for the bowlers to outfox him. This Kiwi lad is doing wonders and is fittingly ranked 2nd in our list of future legends of cricket.