Top 10 Highest Individual Scores in World Cup


7. Craig Wishart (Zimbabwe) – 172* vs Namibia

top 10 highest individual score in world cup
Craig Wishart (Zimbabwe) – #7

Craig Wishart is no.7 in the list. Wishart made 172* against Namibia in the 2003 World Cup as he made a name for him and the Zimbabwean team in world cups. He was lucky enough to have played cricket for Zimbabwe in the golden era, where once they were beating India on a regular basis with the likes of the Flower brothers, Neil Johnson, Alistair Campbell, Henry Olonga and many others. Wishart was someone who had loads of talent in his arsenal, but didnt come to the fore until his 18th test match against Bangladesh when he scored a century. He promised a lot during the 2003 World Cup, scoring big against Namibia but faded away as the tournament progressed. In 2004, came the major turmoil in the Zimbabwean team and it was the starting of the end of his illustrous career. He came back to the side in 2005 but had disputes again with the Board which left to his vanishing from the cricket scene. Since then, Zimbabwe had found it tough to persist in World Cricket.