Top 10 Highest Paid Cricketers


6. Chris Gayle (West Indies)

top 10 richest cricketers in the world
Chris Gayle (West Indies) – No.6 –

Christopher Henry Gayle, or Gayle-storm (as he is now widely known) is a pirate and a marauder. Gayle was spoken off as a destructive batsman, but he hadn’t lived up to his potential until he was dropped after the 2011 World Cup. Gayle took that as a personal insult, entered Royal Challenger’s Bangalore as Dirk Nannes’ replacement and thrashed teams with disdain. Ever since then, bowlers have feared bowling to Gayle, who hits 100m long sixes as a pastime. Gayle is a proven performer in tests and ODIs too, and hit the first double century in ODIs by a non-Indian, against Zimbabwe in the World Cup. As long as he is fit and raring to go, Gayle will keep tormenting bowlers from all parts of the world. 

National Team: West Indies
Salary: $2 million
Net Worth: $36 Million
Sponsors: PepsiCo , Royal Challenge