Top 10 Incredible Records held by Indian Cricketers


9. Bapu Nadkarni’s record streak of maiden overs

Bapu NadkarniThe Indian left-arm spinner, Bapu Nadkarni is epitomized as the greatest miser bowler the game has ever seen. Bapu holds the record of bowling 21 consecutive overs in the Madras (now Chennai) Test against England in 1963/64. He had bowled 131 successive dot- balls in that spell. Nadkarni’s overall figures read 32-27-5-0 which is incredibly hard to believe and can give goose bumps to anyone. Bapu was the face of control and discipline on bowling front and had the ability to bowl on immaculate line and lengths for hours on will. The Indian spinner played 41 Tests and ended up with a splendid economy rate of 1.67. Just imagine!! Such a bowler in this era would not have been anything less than a wonder.