Top 10 Incredible Records held by Indian Cricketers


4. Rohit Sharma’s twin double-centuries in ODIs

Rohit Sharma's Double CenturyIn the past few years, we have seen that on many occasions, Rohit has awed the world in ODI cricket. Sharma caused mayhem when he slammed his second double-century in ODI cricket. Although even crossing the 200 run mark once in the 50-overs cricket is a baffling task but this Indian pro has done it not once but twice and is the only player in the history of ODI cricket to do so. The stylish right-hander had made 209 runs against Australia in 2013 but a year later he bamboozled the world when he scored 264 runs against Sri Lanka, which is also the highest individual score in ODI cricket and seems quite unbreakable one as well.