Top 10 Would Have Been Legends


1. Shane Bond, New Zealand
Top 10 would have been legendsShane Bond was the first name that came to mind when I thought of players whose career and potential were marred by injuries! And obviously considering his exploits in the limited games that he played, he comes in at number 2 on our list. Bond had a fragile body, which broke down far too often far too soon. A spine problem which forced him out of the game for two years was the major injury that troubled him, although his knees, legs also made their presence felt in between. Bond never compromised on his pace- he wanted to go 150kmph even if meant he could suffer another injury the next second, and we should all be proud of that spirit. He had a particular liking for his neighbors, the Australians, against whom he had an average of 15 in ODIs. His haunting in-swinging yorkers still gives me and many others goosebumps. It could have so great had he been better managed by physios and support staff, we could have been witness to a great rivalry between him and Dale Steyn!