Top 10 Most Loved Indian Cricketers Of All Time


3. MS Dhoni:

Top 10 Most Loved Indian Cricketers Of All TimePeople call him the marvel of Indian cricket while some regard him as high as some precious diamond. And he is worth every bit of it as he is none other than MS Dhoni, a man who deserves all this craziness, hype, adulation and fanfare for his astonishing displays on the cricket field. Captain Cool is the only cricketer to lead his country to wins in all the ICC events. One of the best ODI finishers of all time, Dhoni’s ice cool like persona helps him to defy all the pressure which comes his way and stay on top of his game. With his long hairs and big hits, MSD was an instant hit in India when he burst on to the international scene. But whatever he has achieved afterwards is a fairy-tale story and has made him one of the most iconic players in India.