Top 10 Most Loved Indian Cricketers Of All Time


8. Rahul Dravid:

Top 10 Most Loved Indian Cricketers Of All TimeFondly referred to as the ‘Wall’, Rahul Dravid is the name of a selfless Indian cricketer who was always willing to pull off anything on the 22 yards for the sake of his country. Dravid’s solid technique and temperament reaped him fruits throughout his glorious cricketing journey. Rahul was the lynchpin of India’s batting line-up for decades. The way he treasured his wicket made him the toughest nut to crack for the opponents. The love and admiration which Dravid received throughout his career never had any impact whatsoever on his grounded personality. Even these days, the Indian veteran has chosen to stay away from limelight and has taken up the role of coaching the junior teams to nurture young talents in India.