Top 10 Most Under-Rated Cricketers of Modern Era


7. Chaminda Vaas, Sri Lanka
Top 10 Most Under-Rated Cricketers of Modern EraA sincere student of the game, Vaas is the second most successful bowler for Sri Lanka never to get his share of due. Chaminda Vaas had the skill to swing and seam the ball both ways, with his famous late in-swinger serving as his wicket taking option. With an average of under 30 with 355 wickets in 111 Test, it’s clear how good a bowler Chaminda was, only if the people felt the same. Any other bowler with such an exemplary record will have got an automatic seat in any of the discussions on the greatest bowler of the modern era, but Vaas is hardly mentioned and easily forgotten by the general public. We place Chaminda Vaas at No. 7 on the list of Top 10 underrated cricketers in Modern era.