UEFA Champions League: Quarter Final Preview‏


UEFA Champions League: Quarter Final Preview‏

After some awesome Pre-Quarter clashes, now the number of teams has been slashed to eight. And it is going to be one of the most unpredictable and interesting Champions League quarters. Tough to say who are ggoing to make into the final four. But before, let us preview the Quarter Final ties.
 UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals Matches:

Tie 1: Barcelona v/s Atletico Madrid

UEFA Champions League
Barcelona stars have to give their best against Atletico Madrid

Yes, its true. A tie of La Liga giants. After the tie was announced, many simply picked Barca as their favorites. But statistically its tough to decide.  Atletico needs its star players to perform in the big game with the likes of Diego Costa, Koke and Arda Turan, they will have to give an awesome performance to upset Barca. Atletico are ahead of Barca in league table. Barca needs Xavi, Messi and Iniesta to perform well. Despite all this it will be tough to predict still let’s see how Diego Simeone will mastermind his XI to take over Martino’s Barcelona.


Atletico Madrid Season: W-7 D-1 L-0 Top Scorer: Diego Costa (7)

Barcelona Season W-6 D-1 L-1  Top Scorer: Lionel Messi (8)

Head-to-Head in Champions League Never met each other

Author’s pick: Barcelona

Tie 2: Real Madrid v/s Borussia Dortmund

All eyes will be on the magic duo of Bale and Ronaldo

Give yourself a flashback to last year’s semi-final…Remember? Yes, you would have thought Real will make to the finals easily, but Robert Lewandowski’s four goals in a match turned things around. But this time its very different. Dortmund fighting hard for second place on the league table and have been very poor in the league. Whereas, Real Madrid have power packed their squad with some heavy investments. And with the form they are playing, its none other than Real Madrid , who will remain as favorites. So is it the revenge time?


Real Madrid Season W-7 D-1 L-0 Top Scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo (13)

Borussia Dortmund Season: W-5 D-3 L-0 Top Scorer: Robert Lewandowski (6)

Head-to-Head in Champions League Real Madrid: 3 Borussia Dortmund: 2 Draw: 3

Author’s pick: Real Madrid

Tie 3: Paris Saint-Germain v/s Chelsea

PSG stars have to give their best performance for a miracle

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho would be very happy for a kind draw against PSG. Though PSG is a fantastic team, still Mourinho would be confident about their chances of getting a place in semis easily. PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani will take against incredible Chelsea defenders. It will be a pleasure to see that.  Still Chelsea will play hard and come out on top of this bout. Let’s see if any miracle happens!


Paris Saint-Germain Season W-6 D-1 L-1 Top Scorer: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (10)

Chelsea Season: W-6 D-0 L-2 Top Scorer: Samuel Eto’o and Fernando Torres (3)

Head-to-Head in Champions League: Chelsea: 1 Paris Saint-Germain: 0 Draw: 1

Author’s Pick: Chelsea

UEFA Champions League: Quarter Final Preview‏

Tie 4: Manchester United v/s Bayern Munich

UEFA Champions League
Will David Moyes run out his team’s bad luck?

Bayern Munich, no doubt they are the defending champions, but they must have known a massive obstacle stands in their way. United’s bad luck seemed to run out after their incredible comebacl against Olympiakos to finish up 3-2 on aggregate. With Bayern already sealed up the Bundesliga title, United have been a disappoint of the season. Moyes has struggled to follow footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson and has endured a bad season. Bayern will enter as favorites, but United are still strong enough at this stage to disappoint the defending champions with their stars.


Manchester United Season: W-5 D-2 L-1 Top Scorer: Robin Van Persie (4)

Bayern Munich Season W-6 D-1 L-1 Top Scorer: Thomas Muller (4)

Head-to-Head in Champions League Bayern Munich: 3 Manchester United: 2 Draws: 4

Author’s pick: Manchester United

That’s it from our preview. We will again preview the semi finals of UEFA Champions League.