3 Reasons Why You Should Start Sailing


You can’t really say that sailing is taking American by storm, because, well, it’s not. You may not know anybody that sails, or that even had the experience of sailing. However, this does not diminish or lessen the thrill and intensity of the sport. Sailing is an excellent way to get exercise and be outdoors for a bit. But really sailing is an opportunity to explore and put adventure back in your life, like you never have before. Ask anybody that is a devoted sailor and they are sure to tell you about the immense physical, emotional, and practical advantages of sailing.

why you should start sailing

Good Ol’ Fun

First off, it may not seem apparent but sailing is a ton of fun. In addition to finally having a legitimate reason to start singing the Giligan’s Island theme song again, there is a part of sailing that is unpredictable. You are trying to catch and manipulate the wind in such way that you reach your destination. It is hard to describe the excitement or satisfaction you might feel when you sail all day only to reach an island that nobody is on, and you can watch the sunset from your boat. Sailing has the potential to put fun in your life like you never had it before.

Enhance Your Skill Set

Secondly, when you sail you gain valuable skills. Not only will you learn how to effectively captain a boat, but you will also learn valuable construction type skills. The boat, like any other vessel, is going to need fixing. You will learn what makes you boat run and what will keep it float. You could go to a boatyard, but they undoubtedly would charge you extreme prices to fix your boat. Learning the skills yourself is a good investment you will thank yourself in the long run.

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Also when you sail you are bound to meet tons of interesting people. Once you start sailing you will find that sailors are an interesting breed, but that they don’t all use off-colored language. You are destined to meet countless people all over the world that are just as crazy about sailing as you are. By sailing you will come into contact with people you would have never experienced otherwise. Also with sailing you enjoy the high gas mileage. Every now and again you may have to fire up an auxiliary engine on your boat. But the with the wind you can literally travel anywhere, and wind can be quite a bit cheaper than gas these days.

Try It Out

To be honest you are never going to know if you like sailing until you get out there and try it. But if you have the slightest sense of adventure in you then you are bound to love it. It may take some time to learn the ropes and work out the kinks, but once you are proficient in sailing the possibilities are limitless. You have the entire world at your fingertips, you simply need to find a cruiser friendly marina, catch the right wind, and start your voyage… oh, and don’t forget to brush up on those Giligan lyrics.


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