Most Consecutive Matches for a team in T20 cricket


9. Neil Carter (Warwickshire) – 87

Gareth Cross
Neil Carter (Warwickshire) – #9

The curious story of the South Africans who migrate to England in search of a better pasture never seem to end. There are a quite a lot now who have been affected by the quota system in South Africa. Neil Carter is known to be an extremely useful all-round cricketer who was dumped by his county team Warwickshire in 2004, but with sheer determination and enthusiasm went on to be their talisman. At the dawn of his career, he was known to a fast bowler who bowled at a good pace, but injury prompted him to cut his speed. But he never gave up, even in his 30s he could swing the ball and bowl with discipline. To back his prowess as a bowler he honed his batting skills and within no time transformed himself into a useful batsman. His best season with Warwickshire came in 2010, pulling them out of relegation and then Warwickshire won the title in 2012. In 2012, he called it a day to county cricket. He played 87 consecutive T20 matches for the county team. That makes him 9th in the list.