Sir Alex Ferguson Retirement – Loss of a great football mind


Life After Sir Alex Ferguson Retirement

Sir Alex Ferguson Retirement
David Moyes, Ferguson’s Successor at Old Trafford

Ferguson has retired. Next step obviously is the selection of a new manager. Manchester United have announced Everton Boss David Moyes. He will assume charge as Manchester United Manager on July 1st. On Moyes appointment, Ferguson said ” We unanimously agreed on David Moyes “. Moyes job at United will not be easy though. Ferguson has laid the right kind of foundation building a young team but if he sustains that or will he make his own team is to be seen. Moyes had been a victim of limited budget in the past while at Everton. For instance, he lost Wayne Rooney in 2004 to Manchester United. In this club, he will have a seemingly limitless budget and have varied set of players to choose from. One of the qualities that United saw in Moyes was his ability to stay with a club for a long period, and hope he continues for years to come with Manchester United. Having said that, he has a big mountain to climb because when United plays each season they expect them to win the title. These are some of the issues that Moyes will have to face. An issue likely to arise in hindsight is the relationship between Rooney and Moyes. Moyes and Rooney have had troubles in the past. Rooney has also recently stated he wants to move to Bayern to be part of Pep Guardiola’s dream team. We will have to wait and see until the Premier League starts and nothing can be finalized until then.