Top 10 Batsmen With Most 90s in International Cricket


8. Matthew Hayden, Australia- 11
Top 10 Batsmen with most 90s in international cricketIn the years of 2003-2007, it was a very familiar sight, watching Hayden walk down the track to the pacers as if they were mediocre club bowlers, and bludgeoning them over their heads with no sympathy. That being said, Matthew Hayden also was very good at being adaptive. Employing the sweep shot to everything full, outside off, anywhere he kept Indian bowlers at an arm’s length with this new addition to his technique in 2000-01 epic series. With this In-your-face attitude, there were times he faltered at the end of his innings, gifting away his wicket, with 11 such instances of him being out in the 90s in the International cricket.