Top 10 Batsmen With Most 90s in International Cricket


5. Jacques Kallis, South Africa- 13
Top 10 Batsmen with most 90s in international cricketThe South African legend, one of the most complete players of the modern era comes in at No 5 on the list with a total of 13 90s plus dismissals – 8 in ODIs to go with 5 in test Matches. Jacques Kallis is one of the selected few to have scored more than 13,000 runs in test cricket and the only cricketer with 13,000 test runs and more than 250 wickets. Called the best all rounder after Gary Sobers, it seems that the African could have given a tougher competition to Tendulkar in test cricket for the record of most centuries, had he been able to convert these 90s. The mainstay of the South African team for close to two decades now, Kallis will always go down in the history books as the best batting talent from South Africa, who never got his share of due from the fans worldwide despite his unique numbers.